The NCA launched their campaign #ProudToProtect last week to give the public a rare insight into some of the work they do. They then invited other forces and officers around the country to share their stories.

Some of the responses have been truly incredible. Two of them in particular have stuck in my mind –
@Ry_Francis wrote: ‘You join hoping to change the world & quickly realise you can’t; then you realise it’s the small differences we make everyday’
@DIRobHuddleston wrote: ‘Supporting victims, helping them regain control, making a small positive difference to someone’s life, that’s why I serve’.

Ryan & Robs’ words caused me to reflect on the involvement police have had in my life recently and served to remind me of the incredible amount of good work accomplished in my particular case. I have fallen into the trap of late, of focusing too much on the failures of the investigating team from my previous force instead of remembering exactly what has been achieved by the force into whose area I was relocated.

To the officers in the safeguarding team of the force we relocated to, the following is for you:
Thank You.
Thank you for making the tough decisions which were needed.
Thank you for all the advice you readily shared and patiently explained more than once until I comprehended it.
Thank you for all the safeguarding measures you set up and implemented.
Thank you for your comforting words and encouragement when I was scared.
Thank you for enabling us to be safe.
Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to start new lives, free from abuse.
Thank you for your open door policy and reassurance that should I ever need you in the future all I have to do is ask.
Thank you for making a difference.

I am also grateful to those officers (Sean, Neil, Chaos, Reg and Nathan) who have had no direct involvement in our case but who have had a vital role in our lives. This is for you:
Thank You.
Thank you for spending time with my daughter to ease her fears & rebuild her trust.
Thank you for taking the time to sit with me over coffee and talk about how we were progressing.
Thank you for helping me make sense out of the chaos and taking the time to explain the incomprehensible.
Thank you for your words of encouragement when I needed them most.
Thank you for your words which provided light during the darkest of days.
Thank you for guiding and advising me on safely navigating social media and helping me to explore new platforms.
Thank you for providing a listening ear and sharing your words of wisdom.
Thank You for having an influence and for making a positive difference in our lives.

I am even grateful to the officer who mostly disagrees with everything I have to say. Thank you. You challenge my thought processes and provide me with an alternative perspective to consider.

To all these individual officers for whom this is just a job, Thank You. I am extremely grateful for the job you do which has enabled us to take back control of our lives and to live a life of freedom. Thank you for the protection you offer.


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