GCSE Results Day

Tomorrow is GCSE exam results day. A day, which my eldest daughter has nervously and anxiously been waiting for – the countdown timer is well and truly in operation and has been for quite some time now!  I too am anxious on her behalf, desperate for her to have obtained the grades she is striving to achieve. She has set herself an incredibly high target though, one which I know she will be bitterly disappointed with if she fails to reach it.

Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome however, I am already extremely proud of her. When I consider what she has had to overcome in these past 22 months, it honestly is truly amazing to see the level of dedication and commitment which she applies to her school work.

Over the past 22 months, due to the severity of our Domestic Violence at the hands of her father, she has been relocated 4 times by police (which included moving into new counties we had never lived in before) changed schools twice, changed her name, cut off all ties with any previous friends and family, experienced me attempt suicide three times and stood by me as I went through a rape trial.

Her current school didn’t offer the same subject choice as her previous schools and she has had to learn a completely new subject in the space of a few short months, as well as self-tutoring herself across all subjects on the modules she had missed changing schools. Initially, when she joined her current school, the Head of Year wouldn’t allow her to study Separate Science/Triple Science, stating that only students who had been at the school for a lengthy period of time and who had shown a track record of having the ability to obtain good results across all 3 sciences, could have access to this specific subject choice. She was devastated at receiving the news.

I immediately argued my daughter’s case that Domestic Violence had already negatively affected so much of her life. Her father’s abuse shouldn’t be allowed to continue to act as further punishment towards her, nor should it be allowed to continue to influence her future – after all, Domestic Violence is never a child’s responsibility.

Thankfully, the school accepted my proposal, although implemented some strict achievement goals which, if not achieved, would allow them to remove her from the course.

For 4 months prior to the start of the exams, she dedicated 6 hours each and every day (outside of school hours), to studying to achieve the goals she has set herself.

My daughter is so determined and incredibly driven to not allow her abusive past, to in anyway whatsoever, shape or impact on her future. She is resolute in her focus to become a strong and independent woman, capable of all that she sets out to achieve.

She has her sights set on 2 career paths, both drawn out following our experiences of Domestic Violence. One is in medical research of Mental Health conditions and the other in Criminal Psychology.

Tomorrow provides the first indication of whether or not she is on target to achieve her ambitions, and I for one am desperately hoping all her hard work and dedication pays off. Most importantly though, whatever the outcome of her results, I am an incredibly proud mum, as I know the struggle she has gone through to make it this far.


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